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What if one co-parent moves far away?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Child Custody & Visitation |

Life can take people unexpected places, and sometimes it can take a parent far away from their children after a divorce. Whether it is for a job or due to military service requirements, not every family will stay together after a split.

But in that case, what can co-parents do about their shared parenting and custody plan?

Maintaining communication

Parents Magazine speaks of the many families which already deal with long distance parenting situations. Of course, the most ideal situation involves both parents having an equal amount of presence in their children’s lives. No parent wants to miss out on important milestones like prom night, a first car or graduation. However, life is unpredictable and may end up putting hundreds or even thousands of miles of distance between a divorced family.

In this situation, many people have turned toward technology for help in maintaining communication. These days, there are plenty of things to use, such as text messaging, instant messaging services, emails, phone calls and video calls.

Keeping your child comfortable

This also allows parents to meet children in a place where they feel more comfortable. Many members of the younger generations have great familiarity and comfort with all manners of technology and might feel better talking to their parents on such platforms rather than face-to-face anyway. A parent can offer their child the chance to set the tone, and even offer them the opportunity to reach out whenever they feel comfortable, rather than running on their parent’s schedules.

Through these combined factors, it is possible to continue growing and maintaining a parent-child relationship even at a distance, which is good news for the entire family.