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How can you provide your child with stability through divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2022 | Family Law & Divorce |

Going through divorce is difficult for every part of the family. This includes the children, though they have a less active role.

Parents want to prioritize their child’s safety and well-being, even through the difficulties of divorce. The best way to start is with the foundation.

Stability via housing

Divorce Mag looks into bird nesting as a potential option for families going through divorce. It is a type of living situation which allows for the child to remain in the family home full-time. Instead of the child going to visit the non-custodial parent for visitation periods, the parents will take turns living in the family home with the child instead.

This is hugely beneficial to the child because it provides a strong sense of stability in the form of familiar housing. The child does not have to adjust to a new home environment, a new school, a new living situation or a new local area. They do not have to worry about moving or making new friends, or being gone from one home or another. It is far less disruptive to their overall life.

Can you make it work?

Of course, the success of this plan hinges on several factors directly tied to the parents, too. Most importantly, both parents need the financial means to secure another form of housing. This could mean renting a smaller apartment nearby, or it may simply involve staying at a relative or friend’s house during the times they do not stay at the family home.

It is also crucial for each parent to hold trust in the other. After all, they will be leaving their home and belongings unattended with their co-parent alone in the house. If these two conditions get met, however, this option may work.