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With offices in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida, our landlord-tenant dispute attorneys are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama and Florida. For answers to your specific questions about commercial landlord/tenant issues, please call us at 724-271-8300 or 850-374-8549, or fill out our contact form.

What are the most common causes of commercial landlord-tenant disputes?

Commercial landlord-tenant disputes can arise from a wide variety of issues, but the most frequent causes include non-payment of rent, disagreements over lease terms, responsibilities for repairs and maintenance, issues related to lease renewals, and disputes over security deposits. Our commercial real estate attorneys have extensive experience in all of these matters. Whether you are a commercial landlord or a commercial tenant, we can help you find a solution that protects your interests.

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What should I do if I have a dispute with my landlord-tenant?

The first step is to review your lease agreement to understand the rights and obligations of each party. It’s often beneficial to try to resolve the issue through direct communication or mediation. If these attempts fail, contacting a knowledgeable attorney like those at LGA Law can provide you with the guidance and representation you need to resolve the matter. We recommend contacting our law offices in Pennsylvania or Florida for guidance in communicating with the other party.

How can a real estate attorney help in a commercial landlord-tenant dispute?

A commercial landlord-tenant dispute attorney can help by reviewing the lease agreement, gathering evidence and providing legal advice based on the specific circumstances of the dispute. At LGA Law, our attorneys can negotiate on your behalf and, if necessary, represent you in court to resolve the dispute favorably.

What are the rights of a commercial tenant in a dispute?

The rights of a commercial tenant depend on the terms of the lease agreement and state laws. Generally, tenants have rights to a property that meets the agreed-upon conditions, protection from unlawful eviction, and the right to use the property as stipulated in the lease.

What are the rights of a commercial landlord in a dispute?

A commercial landlord has the right to receive rent in a timely manner, to have their property maintained as agreed in the lease, and to repossess their property at the end of the lease term, assuming all conditions are met. A commercial landlord also has rights to enforce the terms of the lease and take legal action if necessary.

Can a commercial lease dispute go to court?

Yes, if a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation or mediation, the dispute can escalate to litigation. Court proceedings may be necessary to resolve complex disputes involving significant legal or factual disagreements. It is crucial to have experienced legal counsel and representation in these matters.

How can I prevent disputes with my commercial tenants or landlord?

Preventing disputes starts with a clear, comprehensive lease agreement that outlines all terms and conditions explicitly. Regular communication and documentation of any agreements or issues are also vital. The commercial landlord-tenant attorneys at LGA Law can assist in drafting and reviewing commercial leases to ensure clarity and to prevent misunderstandings that could lead to disputes. Additionally, proactive maintenance of the property and adherence to the lease terms by both parties can significantly reduce the likelihood of disputes.

At LGA Law, we are committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of commercial landlord-tenant relationships. Whether you need assistance in drafting a lease agreement, negotiating a dispute or representing your interests in court, our experienced team of commercial real estate attorneys is here to provide skilled guidance and robust representation.

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