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Parent-Child Relationship Matters

If you are like most parents, you are convinced that you would do anything for your children’s well-being. Sorting out what that looks like when you are divorced or separated can get difficult in a hurry when your ideas about an appropriate parenting plan differ significantly from that of the other parent. Pennsylvania family law courts put the child’s best interests as the highest priority in any child-related case, regardless of your marital or relationship status with the other parent. For most families, a custody and visitation order establishes the necessary parameters that can help you build a rewarding life with your child appropriate to your unique family circumstances.

LGA Law is a reliable source of guidance and information for Pennsylvania parents and grandparents when family situations require custody and visitation and/or child support orders. Our lawyers are compassionate, attentive and committed to helping you and your child move forward, assisted by practical legal solutions.

Full-Service Family Law Services, Including Custody And Child Support Guidance

When we meet with you, we will assess your current circumstances and goals, and explain how we can help you and your child get where you need to be. Your case may involve one or more of the following legal issues to be resolved:

  • A paternity action, if needed
  • A parenting plan that spells out physical and legal custody and visitation rights
  • Specifications for supervised visitation, if necessary
  • Proposed child support amounts based on the Pennsylvania Support Guidelines, taking into account parents’ incomes and other factors
  • A child custody or child support modification
  • Enforcement of child custody or visitation court orders
  • An unmarried father’s rights
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Child protection controversies involving the Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS)

Our family law attorneys are skilled and ready to advocate passionately on your behalf through negotiations, mediation and/or hearings before appropriate courts or other government agencies. In difficult cases, we can represent you before a district court or a court of appeals.

Meet With A Lawyer About Your Child Custody Or Child Support Case

We hope to learn about your situation and explain how we can help you move toward a resolution. Your child custody and visitation arrangement may become part of your divorce decree or it may be a stand-alone court order. Your child’s welfare and your parental rights are our primary concerns.

To schedule a consultation at our Canonsburg offices or through a web conference, call us at 724-271-8300 or email us.