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At LGA Law, we provide high-quality legal services to help people with the pressing legal matters that affect their lives and businesses.

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At Lenington, Gratton, & Associates LLP, we know relationships are everything, in your personal life and work life. We provide on-time, practical real value to clients. We stand on this principle and build long-term relationships with clients. Because we get to know you, we can help you find efficient solutions that are cost-effective and provide high value.

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Residential Real Estate

Residential Real Estate Law

Commercial Real Estate Law

Commercial Real Estate Law

Family Law And Divorce

Family Law & Divorce

Estate Planning And Probate

Estate Planning & Probate

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Business Law

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Personable Family Law Attorneys Helping Resolve The Most Personal Legal Challenges

Our family law attorneys know that the decisions and agreements you make during divorce will affect your life going forward. These decisions impact how often you see your children, how much money will be paid for child support or alimony, how assets and debts will be divided. You need an attorney who is experienced and one who is a skilled negotiator. We can help you and will look to the future for you and your family.

Knowledgeable Attorneys For A Wide Variety Of
Real Estate Services

Knowledgeable Attorneys For Wide Variety Of Real Estate Services

At LGA Law, we represent people in residential home sales disputes. One of the most common matters we see is after the sale of a home, a serious defect is discovered that wasn’t on the seller’s disclosure forms. We have the familiarity with real estate documents and can help resolve these matters.

For commercial real estate, we work with a varied clientele to help business owners and property managers research and manage commercial real estate. We are often involved in title disputes, foreclosures, mechanic’s liens, eminent domain cases, construction projects such as delay damages, and evictions.

Our clients include:
Property managers
Apartment building and multiunit condominium owners
Homeowners associations (HOAs)


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