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Understand The Value Of Having A Sound Will In Your Estate Plan

A will is foundational to any estate plan. It determines which loved ones get your most cherished assets when you pass. Putting a will in your estate plan as soon as possible is crucial, as the future can be unpredictable and preparing for the unexpected is vital.

While having a will is important, ensuring that you have the right will and that it matches your needs can be challenging — and that is where we come in. At Lenington, Gratton, & Associates LLP, our experienced estate planning lawyers can ensure that you have an enforceable will that matches your needs and accurately reflects your wishes.

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The Different Types Of Wills You Can Choose From

Your life, family dynamics and financial situation are all unique to you, and your will should reflect that uniqueness. However, like most things, a will is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Specific types of wills may work better for you than others. A few examples include:

  • Simple wills
  • Living wills
  • Testamentary wills
  • Joint wills

Have questions about which one of these wills is best for your situation? Call us at 724-271-8300 so we can learn more about your situation and offer tailored suggestions.

We offer estate planning services specifically for business owners and people who own property in multiple states. We also develop business succession plans for business owners.

Why Having Effective Legal Guidance Is Crucial When Drafting A Will

A will can reflect your values, as well as express love and gratitude to your loved ones. A will can also be an effective tool for passing assets to certain loved ones and not others. When determining which assets you’d like to pass on to your loved ones, you want to work with a team equally invested in your interests as you are. We use our comprehensive understanding of federal and state laws related to wills to help you draft a will that reflects your wishes and is legally enforceable. We can help you fill in every detail to minimize potential for disputes and confusion among family members.

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