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An Energy-Focused Law Firm Encompassing Renewables

As we all know, the energy industry in today’s world is about much more than oil, gas and coal. At LGA Law, we are equipped to provide legal services pertaining to a wide variety of energy sources, including renewable energy, such as ethanol, wind, solar and hydropower. LGA Law is a trusted source for investors, developers, landowners, leasers of land and equipment, and operators of renewable energy delivery systems.

Our energy law attorneys have a strong reputation in the world of oil and gas law as well as renewable energy areas that complement and sometimes intersect with fossil fuel operations. Our services are useful to innovators, entrepreneurs and supply chain enterprises.

Services That We Offer To Renewable Energy Stakeholders

We have the knowledge and experience that you need to take care of legal matters associated with renewable energy. Personalized counsel and trusting attorney-client relationships are the foundations of all that we do. We listen carefully and advise our clients in ways that will protect their interests. Our lawyers offer streamlined, practical solutions as well as more intricate, customized services. Turn to LGA Law for assistance with:

Whatever business or technical matters require legal counsel, we are here to help ensure sound and secure legal solutions having to do with your renewable energy operations.

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The first step toward successful solutions is to understand where you need to go and how to get there. Our energy-focused law firm based in Pennsylvania can be your go-to source for legal opinions, contracts, negotiations and more. Our attorneys are also licensed to practice in Ohio, Texas, West Virginia, Virginia and New Mexico.

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