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Prepare For The Unexpected With Powers Of Attorney

Life can take many twists and turns. So, when you encounter them, it’s important to be ready for them. A power of attorney can help you prepare for those moments by giving a trusted individual decision-making abilities over your health care, your finances, and other important matters if you become incapacitated.

If you want to include powers of attorney in your estate plan, we at Lenington, Gratton, & Associates LLP can help you create these documents, ensure that they are legally enforceable, and help you select the right person to give power of attorney to.

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Different Types Of Power Of Attorney

Depending on the issues you think you may encounter, these types of powers of attorney can help you in different situations:

  • Financial power of attorney: Lets you appoint an agent to manage your finances, including your bank accounts, investment portfolios, and taxes, should you become unable to handle these matters yourself.
  • Medical power of attorney: Lets you appoint someone to make crucial decisions surrounding your health care needs if you become incapacitated. The agent you select can decide what prescriptions to take, what surgeries you can get, and what other medical treatment you can receive.

While these are the two most common types of power of attorney, there are subsects of both that can help you address your specific medical or financial needs. To learn more about these options, call us at 724-271-8300 so we can learn more about your situation.

Our attorneys offer guidance to clients who own property in multiple states. See our overview of interstate estate planning to learn more. We also provide valuable counsel to business owners in need of business succession planning.

Have Peace Of Mind With Powers Of Attorney

It’s impossible to know what the future holds. Whether you believe you’ll become incapacitated or not, a power of attorney is crucial for any comprehensive estate plan. When you have someone who is trustworthy, reliable, and intelligent and can make decisions on your behalf in an emergency, you can remain at ease, knowing that your health and your money are in good hands.

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Power of attorney is an important part of any comprehensive estate plan. To discuss your options, please call us in Pennsylvania at 724-271-8300 or in Florida at 850-374-8549, or send us an email inquiry. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama and Florida.