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Planning Estates And Easing The Probate Process

As you review your investment strategy, you no doubt realize that, in the long run, putting your estate in order is as important as retirement accounts and other investments, if not more so. We often say that well-thought-out estate planning is one of the smartest investments anyone can make. Is it a best-kept secret, or is it not so secret? Ask families who have gone through the probate and estate administration process. Many will agree that effective estate planning is a solid predictor of a smooth legacy transition.

The estate planning attorneys at LGA Law offer comprehensive plans as well as piecemeal legal services in the areas of estate planning and probate.

Our Services For Individuals, Couples And Families

After conferring with you to determine your goals and priorities, we can guide you regarding any of the following estate planning documents.

  • A will is a fundamental document for any estate plan. Our lawyers can help you create, review or update any type of will:
    • A simple will, which typically identifies an executor (personal representative), beneficiaries and a stated preference of a guardian for minor children
    • A joint will that is to be signed by spouses
    • A testamentary will that establishes one or more trusts as well as giving instructions for the distribution of any assets that fall outside the trust(s)
    • A living will – a term for a health care directive that names a health care proxy
  • Trusts allow for a smooth passing on of assets and in the case of a high-asset portfolio, may save on inheritance taxes.
  • Powers of attorney authorize named agents (such as family members, lawyers or others) to manage assets and make decisions in case the person who created them is incapacitated.

We also help executors (personal representatives) and trustees with the following steps in estate administration:

  • Opening an estate
  • Taking an estate through probate court if necessary
  • Responding to or bringing any necessary will contest or other types of probate litigation
  • Distributing assets
  • Administering trusts in compliance with all legal requirements

Stop Procrastinating And Get Estate Law Matters In Order Without Delay

Whatever is on your mind, we have the knowledge, experience and legal tools available to meet your needs at the level you are ready to work on. We listen well and value trusting attorney-client relationships. Call us at 724-271-8300 or send an email message to get the conversation started.