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Your business or proposed business may be a sole proprietorship operating out of your basement or it may be a large franchise with outlets in many states. Whatever type or size of business you have or hope to start, you need sound legal advice just as surely as you need financing and a business plan.

The attorneys at LGA Law have a solid history of helping entrepreneurs as well as representatives of established businesses in a wide range of legal issues, including startups, contracts and government regulation compliance. An experienced lawyer from our firm can help you select the most appropriate entity for your business, plan for expansion or dissolve operations.

Services That We Provide

Over more than a decade, we have earned a reputation for providing practical, timely solutions for oil and gas-related enterprises and other businesses, including:

  • Starting up sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs)
  • Creating operational manuals, employee manuals and other essential initial documents
  • Registering new businesses with the state; changing businesses’ names and assisting with all legal aspects of mergers and acquisitions
  • Advising on liability insurance, property insurance and business interruption insurance
  • Helping entrepreneurs to establish realistic growth and succession plans from the start
  • Organizing and assisting with financing plans that may involve outside investors, bank loans and other sources

We also help businesses and their owners resolve disputes through negotiations, arbitration, mediation or litigation. Examples of common business disputes for which we represent business owners include:

  • Breach of contract claims involving other businesses or consumers
  • Partnership disputes and “business divorces”
  • Injury and property damage claims
  • Disagreements with commercial landlords over leases or property usage
  • Alleged violations of noncompete agreements

Many of our business law clients stay with our firm year after year and benefit from our ongoing legal counsel on a range of issues. When we determine that a client’s business law challenges involve issues best handled in collaboration with other lawyers or law firms, we do not hesitate to recommend co-counsel arrangements. Complex intellectual property protection cases, business bankruptcy cases, financial challenges associated with complex divorces or probate litigation may fall in this category.

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Our emphasis on trusting attorney-client relationships helps ensure that our clients appreciate our zeal to protect their interests, including cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

We look forward to explaining how we can meet your business law needs. Reach us by phone at 724-271-8300 or complete an online inquiry form to get an appointment on the calendar.