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Disputes over contractual agreements can be precarious, costly and complicated. Effectively navigating business conflicts requires guidance from skilled contract dispute lawyers who have extensive experience in contract law. At Lenington, Gratton, & Associates LLP, we are fully equipped to help your business navigate and resolve your contract dispute.

The parties to a contract engage in the agreements to achieve mutual benefits. However, business agreements don’t always go according to plan. Our contract dispute attorneys can provide advice and representation if 1) you discover that the other party breached the contract, 2) the other party accuses you of breach of contract, or 3) you realize that you entered a deal that is not legally valid and you need an exit plan.

To arrange a consultation, please call us in Pennsylvania at 724-271-8300 or in Florida at 850-374-8549, or complete our contact form. We have offices in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida, and our attorneys are licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama and Florida.

The Contract Disputes We Can Help You With

Contract disputes can present themselves in multiple forms. A few examples of the ones we engage in include:

  • Partnership disputes: If you and your business partner are going your separate ways, you may have partnership agreement disputes surrounding business assets, debts and other matters. We can help you by carefully reviewing your agreement and advocating for an equitable outcome based on its contents.
  • Contract breaches with consumers or other businesses: Disputes over service and purchase agreements are commonplace in today’s business climate and ineffectively handling them can result in lost time and money. We can help you navigate these disputes by carefully evaluating the terms and conditions of your agreement and advising you on how to limit potential misunderstandings and issues in future transactions.
  • Injury and property damage agreements: If one business damages your property or injures customers or employees on your worksite, you may wonder if your contract with the other party requires those at fault for damages to pay compensation. We can help you review the agreement to determine whether damage clauses exist.
  • Lease property usage disputes: We represent commercial landlords in disputes surrounding how their tenants use their properties for business purposes and whether or not those purposes align with the agreement they signed.
  • Disputes over non-compete violations: If you believe an employee or business partner disclosed trade secrets, we can help you determine if their actions violated your non-compete agreement and pursue the appropriate damages.

These are only a handful of examples of the contract disputes we manage. For more information on how we can help you, we encourage you to contact us today.

A Business Law Team With A Strong Client Retention

Contract disputes can be some of the most complex, intense, and emotional business challenges you face. However, when you have a team of attorneys you can trust, you can manage these disputes with greater focus and precision and increase your chances of pursuing the outcomes you desire out of your dispute.

We have helped many business owners in multiple states resolve contract disputes, and there is a reason the same business owners continue to work with us. They know we provide their case with the care, dedication, and tenacity it deserves, and we can do the same for you.

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