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How can you avoid conflict during a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Family Law & Divorce |

Dissolving a marriage is a tense experience. Feelings between both parties are bound to fray.

Keeping conflicts at bay produces the smoothest results. If you are getting a divorce, use some strategies for maintaining civility.

Communicate calmly

Angering your soon-to-be-ex is unwise. Do not give your former partner any reason for lashing out or complicating the process. Prevent angry encounters by discussing matters through email or text. Instruct someone neutral to review your words for aggressive language before hitting send. Even better is hiring a mediator. One can act as a buffer and reduce the amount of direct contact.

Stop posting

Social media is like a bullhorn on steroids. Anything you share is likely to spread far and wide. Strong comments may reach your spouse and trigger rage. Although you can restrict who sees what you post, you might forget to alter your privacy settings. Another possibility is that someone recounts your words elsewhere or uploads screenshots. Even if you hit delete, anything appearing online never completely disappears. Play it safe by abstaining from these platforms until your divorce is in the past.

Practice self-care

The stronger your inner happiness, the less likely you are to take actions that come back to bite you. Avoid activities that impair judgment, such as drinking. Lower your stress level by taking time off work. Seeing a therapist with expertise in divorce is another popular option. Even confidentially talking out your situation with friends can prove beneficial.

Divorcing individuals should consciously work to lower the odds of unnecessary discord. Following these suggestions helps make that aim possible.